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photo credit: Kit Chalberg

Rope Trick Effect


Denver based jazz-punk-funk-junk quartet brings together varied musical experiences and a global input of soundscapes.  Rope Trick Effect is genre bending and lit.  This outfit brings their diverse, jazz and punk based influences to bear.  

Featuring latin-laced percussion, super-locrianated diminished scales, sick grooves, and a vocalist with a 3.5 octave range, Rope Trick Effect freshens the definition of jazz while also blending in easily at DIY basement shows. 

Molly Zackary (vocals), Dustin Adams (keys), Squirrely McSquirrelington (bass), Montuno Mike Spencer (drums), play original compositions and standards with equal vivacity. 

We are a blast at weddings. 

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by Rope Trick Effect

Debut EP contains original tunes and an interpretation. All tracks recorded at Derryberry Audio, Denver, May '17. Cover artwork by Kim Fronapfel.